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Glo Holiday 2022 - Eye Treatment Duo

Glo Holiday 2022 - Eye Treatment Duo

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Next-level blue light defense and protective plant stem cell technology combine to firm, hydrate, and protect the delicate eye area.

Kit Includes:
● C-Shield Eye Restore Hydrator 15 mL
● Phyto-Active Eye Serum 15 mL
● Glo Cooling Wand

Key Benefits
● C-Shield Eye Restore Hydrator: Antioxidant protection against aging environmental stressors—including blue light, it targets dark circles and puffiness for a brighter, smoother effect.
● Phyto-Active Eye Serum: Anti-aging powerhouse serum, it’s super lightweight and easily absorbed, promoting firmer skin and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
● Cooling Eye Wand: A cooling, calming wand, expertly applies product, helping smooth and soothe the appearance of puffiness.

How to Use:
● For both eye treatments, lightly tap product around eye area until absorbed. Both can be used up to twice daily. If using both together, apply serum before hydrator.
● While the product is absorbing, cool and de-puff the area by gently gliding the Cooling Eye Wand under eyes from temple to inner corner and back several times.
● Finish your expert application with several circles around the entire eye area.
● You may wish to alternate, applying C-Shield Eye Restore Hydrator for your morning, and Phyto-Active Eye Serum at night.